Bewitching and intoxicating
—New Orleans Times Picayune

Fiercely talented, elegantly skewed
—Time Out, UK   

Haunting melodies, intricate metaphors and subversive subplots, a complex underground legend.
—Bitch Magazine, USA

An extraordinary singer and torch song poet. Gypsy-dark guitar work makes a bed for songs of curiosity and depth, and for a voice at once wild and refined.

Her stolen name (Dostoyevsky’s honest-to-a-fault Prince Myshkin) serving her as token and reminder of an uncompromising dedication to her own creative journey, Myshkin has created the musical world of an enchanted outsider, an experimental sound equal parts nomadic wonder and organic precision.

Her seven solo albums are a map of the musical routes she has travelled, from punk-poetry to gypsy-torch, from velvet-swing to folk-tronic. Restless explorations, the artist herself in thrall to their pull. And yet: a clarity of style and vision shines through—in her filmic poems, hypnotic melodies, increasingly nuanced singing—an unmistakable musical personality.

Myshkin’s career spans two decades of award-winning writing, recording, performance, production and collaboration; touring The U.S and Canada, Europe and Australia restlessly, and soaking up the cultures of the remarkable places she has called home. A child of immigrants and native of the Midwest, she spent her early adulthood wandering the U.S. and Europe before landing in Louisiana in 1993. Schooled by the living history of New Orleans for a decade, she was a central figure of the city's acoustic and alternative scenes in the 90's and early 00's. Based in Portland for 5 years, she then co-founded a permaculture community in the mountains of Southern Oregon, and built an earth walled studio there in which her last record – the heady and hypnotic THAT DIAMOND LUST – was made. Her migrations have finally landed her in the Mojave desert, where she lives with her family in the artists’ hideout of Joshua Tree, California. Truly independent, Myshkin's music has reached listeners one show and recording at a time, slowly brewing a far-flung, dedicated following.

The ease and infectious dark wit with which she combines things found and invented tempers the actual complexity of her songwriting. Live – in stripped down solo and duo performances, or full band shows – it’s her haunted voice, potent imagery and pungent guitar work which captures and entrances listeners, pulling them out to sea, sailing to the far corners, gulls feeding on the dreams in their wake.

( Listen to the BBC World on 3 session from Myshkin's last uk tour here )






photos by Elena Ray
art installation by Noah Purifoy