Trust and the High Wire is coming!

The past four years have been a wild ride, and this record was written and recorded realtime, deep in the story.

Through March 17th, 2018 you can be instrumental in getting this project out into the world.

For the whole story, pre-orders, and all kinds of gratitude rewards, including tickets to ROSEBUD REDUX at La Grange in Yucca Valley on March 17 .... please head over here :

to the kickstarter page.

much thanks and love




New Orleans schooled, gypsy spirited, endlessly curious, Myshkin Warbler is a rare bird among songwriters. Darkly joyous, compellingly complex songs, a soaring voice and pulsing guitar, work that slips under the skin and stays there. Literate, political, heartbreaking, soulbuilding, gorgeous.


Debut Performance of Po^tion: Warning Signs.  Photo by Tim Chinnock

 Debut of Myshkin Warbler's Royal Rabble Circus.  Photo by Mark Cranston