Po^tion — Warning Signs


po^tion — shorthand for "poetry in motion" and indicative of the potency of the brew — is a live music performance series by Myshkin Warbler, in which her music is given context and dimmension through the articulation of connective themes, and the projection of song-tailored film collages, created in her high desert studio.

Warning Signs, the first show in the series, is Myshkin's musical/visual commentary on current authoritarianism and the lessons of history. At it's core is a list—early warning signs of fascism—that was making the rounds after the recent U.S. election. Warning Signs films were created primarily from archival footage—1930's through 1960's—made available by the Prelinger archive. Newer pieces and early Myshkin songs reinvented provide deliciously illustrative allegories.

Warning Signs debuted at Furstwurld, Joshua Tree on 3.4.17. and was presented in Prague and Berlin in June.

Photo by Tim Chinnock