With the aid of a deep curiosity, an extraordinary voice, and brilliant collaborators, Myshkin creates a spooky roots jazz. A mysterious music, built of nomadic wonder and organic precision. Through eight disparate solo albums she has shaped an enigmatic sound—with accents of  raw-folk, gypsy-swing, torchjazz, punk-poetry, desert-blues, and electronic post-rock. Hot and cool tones balanced inside restless explorations. And always: filmic writing, hypnotic melodies, increasingly nuanced singing.

Myshkin’s career spans two and a half decades of award-winning writing, recording, performance, production and collaboration—touring The U.S and Canada, Europe and Australia restlessly, and soaking up the cultures of the remarkable places she has called home. A child of Dutch immigrants and native of the Midwest, Myshkin began writing songs at 15, studied theater until she left school at 20, and spent her early adulthood living in tipi's and schoolbuses, wandering the U.S. and Europe before landing in Louisiana in 1993. Schooled by the living history of New Orleans for a decade, she was a central figure of the city's acoustic and alternative scenes in the 90's and early 00's. Based in Portland for 5 years in the mid 00's, she then co-founded a permaculture community in the mountains of Southern Oregon, and built an earth walled studio there in which her last record – the heady and hypnotic THAT DIAMOND LUST – was made. Her migrations have finally landed her in the beautiful Mojave desert, where she lives with her wife and daughter in the artists’ hideout of Joshua Tree, California. Truly independent, Myshkin's music has touched listeners one show and recording at a time, slowly brewing a far-flung, dedicated following.

The ease and infectious dark wit with which she combines things found and invented tempers the actual complexity of her songwriting. Live – in stripped down solo and duo performances, or full band shows – it’s her haunted voice, potent imagery and pungent guitar work which captures and entrances listeners, pulling them out to sea, sailing to the far corners, gulls feeding on the dreams in their wake.

Along with ongoing work on a nearly completed new record (Trust and the Highwire), and early-stage work on a theatrical production (Soledad), Myshkin began two new performance projects in the last year: the Royal Rabble Circus and Po^tion.  

Bewitching and intoxicating
—New Orleans Times Picayune

Fiercely talented, elegantly skewed
—Time Out, UK   

Haunting melodies, intricate metaphors and subversive subplots, a complex underground legend.
—Bitch Magazine, USA

selected venues 

Joshua Tree Music Fest, USA 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, USA 2014, 2001

Habrovka Festival, Czech Republic 2013

Tenor Guitar Gathering Festival, USA 2012, 2011, 2010

Oregon Country Fair, USA  2012, 2003

Waking Windows Festival, USA 2012

Brampton Live festival, UK 2005

Kerville Folk Festival, USA 2003

Blue Skies Festival, Canada 2003

Owen Sound Festival, Canada 2003

Festival International de Louisianne, USA 1999

Vancouver Folk Festival, Canada 2002

Northern Lights Festival de Boreal, Canada 2002

High Sierra Music Festival, USA 2001

Port Fairy Folk Festival, Australia 1999



New Orleans Big Easy Award — best folk / world music artist — finalist 2003, 2001, 1999

New Orleans Music Industry Award — best folk album — winner 1997

Village Voice —Ten Best Records of the Year — no.6 — 2003

Times Picayune — Ten Best Louisiana Records of the Year — no.2 — 2003, 2001




that diamond lust — myshkin's ruby warblers — doublesalt 2012

sigh semaphore — myshkin's ruby warblers — doublesalt 2006

corvidae — myshkin's ruby warblers — doublesalt 2004

rosebud bullets — myshkin's ruby warblers — doublesalt 2002

why do all the country girls leave? — myshkin — binky 2000

blue gold —myshkin — binky 1998

dr. plague and other lullabies — myshkin impossible — wreckit 1995

slate — myshkin — wreckit 1993


pony — the road dog divas — 2003

everythings in boxes — the road dog divas — 2002

econoline — mike west and myshkin — binky 1996


selected recording credits

as musician

mike west — interstate 10 • redneck riviera • race that train • oddities and rarities • 16 easy songs for drill and banjo • home • new south — binky

shawn mullins — soul's core — columbia

kirk rundstrom band — wickid savior • blue china — bloodshot

as producer

pablo — forever restless — 2015


former and current ruby warblers

myshkin's ruby warblers has always been a fluid project, born of myshkin's love for collaboration and new sonic territory, and including—at one time or another—the best players she knows, stashed all over the map.

scott magee - drums

john lutz - bass

neti vaan - violin

ben schenck - clarinet

christopher trapani - piano

laura freeman - harmonica

brent martens - bass

nick jaina - guitar

leila chieko - drums

skip vonkuske - cello

enion pelta tiller - violin

nathan langston - violin

edwin severijn - drums

helge slikker - bass

lara michell - guitar

sailor banks - bass, beats, guitar, keys

jesse brooke - drums

paul evans - soprano sax, alto sax, melodica

helen gillet - cello

gwendolyn colman - percussion

sarahmin dunbar - theremin

heather perkins - electric guitar

luke brechtelsbauer - harp

mat martin - strings

bob furgo - violin

damian lester - upright bass

danny frankel - drums

lucio menegon - guitar

jenny qaqundah - cello

ryan erkine - drums

victoria williams - chinese zither

clint stoker - saxaphone

scott kisinger - trombone

wally ingram - drums

kelly corbin - saxaphone