Myshkin Warbler's Royal Rabble Circus


Pulling inspiration from Barnum and Brecht, Dada and Dark Cabaret, the Royal Rabble Circus creates performances that are sonically and visually enchanting, and creatively revelatory. Myshkin’s interests, musical and otherwise, run wide and wild, and her repertoire is full of tall tales and sideshows. The Royal Rabble brings her most carnivalesque songs to life, illuminated by dancers and acrobats, and driven by a transcendent band.

The circus show premiered in 2016 at the biannual Joshua Tree Music Festival, and having found a warm welcome there, will be returning for a main stage show in May of '17, and a late night show at the fall '17 fest.

Photos by Mark Cranston and video by Jorge Davies are from the 10.8.16 JTMF performance.